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What’s Old is New Again – LaHC & AHO Machinery of Government Transfer to Homes NSW

Members would be aware that the 1 February 2024 commencement date for the creation of Homes NSW is fast approaching.

The transition to Homes NSW involves a relative lift and shift of Land and Housing Corporation (LaHC) and Aboriginal Housing Office (AHO), with most operations continuing in the same manner. However, quickly there will be an alignment of the differing reporting and workflow platforms. This will involve the need to train and support staff on the updated platforms.

As part of any Machinery of Government (MoG) change of this nature there are a range of plans that deal with the transition of different work platforms. LaHC and AHO staff are no strangers to these processes and have seen the good, the bad and the ugly over the years.

Prior to the shutdown period, the Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) provided affected staff and agencies with a comprehensive FaQ document that gave staff significant insight into progress on several different matters relating to the MoG transfer. Now that the operational aspects are approaching, those FaQ documents will be updated, and recirculated for members to read.

Whilst the PSA hopes all MoG transfers are easy and seamless, we know that is not always the case.

PSA representatives have been provided with regular updates and taken part in informal discussions with the DCJ transition team. Up to this point these meetings have been mainly to keep abreast of senior recruitment as well as timelines so that we can ensure member input at the right time. This process has been positive and as it continues will give the PSA a clear line of sight to senior staff who are making decisions on the transition and will facilitate proper consultation on implementation matters that concern our members.

Once operational changes kick off in full, the PSA will seek input directly from members through workplace meetings.

The PSA encourages members to do their own diligence on things that they can affect. This includes:

  1. knowing how and where to escalate matters as part of the transition either internally or the PSA – through the workplace delegates or the PSA Member Support Centre;
  2. keeping a record of their leave balances prior to the transition to the DCJ payroll platform and;
  3. making sure all leave applications are administered prior to the transfer.

Watch out for further updates on the Homes NSW transfer from DCJ and the PSA.

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