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Planning Directorate: Change Management Plan

On Monday 11 March, senior DPHI representatives provided an overview of the Functional Assessment and the subsequent proposed reform of the Development Assessment & Sustainability Branch (DAS) and the Planning Land Use Strategy, Housing and Infrastructure (PLUSHI) Branch.

PSA representatives were present at the Town Hall meeting and were provided with the Change Management Plan and the associated documentation outlined in the meeting.

Phase One reform

The proposed reform hits the Senior Executive cohort of Planning quite hard with an over 50 per cent decrease in Executive Director (Band 2) roles and a 20 per cent reduction in Director (Band 1) roles. The first phase of the reform also involves a process of re-pointing reporting lines with some 320 Award-based roles involved as well as the proposed lifting and shifting of several different branches or business units into other Teams.

The PSA was disappointed to hear the incorrect opinions that lifts and shifts were something where consultation was not required. And whilst it must be said that the PSA focus is for ongoing roles for our members, any reform of this nature requires the appropriate levels of consultation, including lifts and shifts.

Temporaries, fixed terms and contingent labour figures

Several questions asked by staff sought information on numbers of temporary, fixed term and contingent labour were part of the reform. DPHI representatives were silent on that number despite providing these figures to the PSA previously. Temporary and fixed-term staff and contingent labour make up 457 staff and that equates to nearly 40 per cent of current Award-based roles. The vast majority of these are subject to Government decisions on funding.

With those numbers in mind and the aggressive Government remit placed upon planning and housing reform, you will see why the PSA stresses the importance of understanding what programs, projects and initiatives will be funded post 30 June and into the future.

And whilst it is wholly recognized that DPHI have made submissions under the NPP, that is not a guarantee that funding will eventuate or that the mismatch of funding arrangements will be remediated.

Have your say

The PSA encourages staff to submit and express their questions, concerns or feedback on the proposed reform. One question already being asked with concern is with the loss of so many Executive roles, where does their work go to? Does it roll downhill like the proverbial?

The PSA has created an on-line meeting for members set up for Thursday 14 March and will provide details shortly.

Reading this and not a member? It’s time that you joined.

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