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Members speak out & the message is clear: Fight on to avoid a workforce crisis

Members speak out & the message is clear – Fight on to avoid a workforce crisis September 2015 (PDF version)

The NSW Baird Government has ignored all calls to maintain Ageing Disability and Home Care (ADHC) as a provider of services in the disability sector.

ADHC is the largest single provider of disability services in NSW.

It is also largest single employer in the sector.

ADHC staff are a highly trained and experienced workforce whose opinions and needs are being ignored by a Government intent on pursuing privatisation at all costs.

That is why the PSA recently issued a survey asking members to vote on escalating action against this privatisation and its consequences for staff and clients.

The results are now in, with a whopping 92% of survey respondents agreeing to strike.

PSA members in the Hunter District will now meet to vote on strike action for the Hunter district.

Acting General Secretary Steve Turner will address the meeting on why action is needed now.

Meeting details

Thursday 1 October 2015
4.30pm to 6.00pm
Unions House 406 King Street
Newcastle West

Email with questions.

Privatisation of ADHC means:

  • Losing economies of scale (ie value for money) achieved through having one large provider in the mix of choices available to clients
  • Losing the largest single provider and employer of choice from the sector (ie 40% of services currently provided by NSW Government)
  • Denying ADHC clients the option of remaining with their current provider of choice
  • Losing the current leader in the provision of disability services in NSW
  • The loss of Government as a safety net delivering services to those clients:
    • in areas where it is not economically viable for private providers to set up a service; and
    • that have high and/or complex needs, including those clients that the NGO sector will not accept/ cannot provide for.

What we want:

  • A better deal for transferring staff
  • Choice of staying with ADHC for ADHC clients and staff.

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