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PSA Home Care member bulletin – we are your union

PSA Home Care member bulletin – we are your union September 2015 (PDF version)

Members are reminded of the bans currently in place and the importance of implementing the bans. These bans cover all PSA members in Home Care including all branches and are detailed in this fact sheet.

If you have been asked to complete any tasks relating to referrals or assessments that would have normally been undertaken by the Referral and Assessment Centre (RAC), you should not complete this work.

If you are asked to undertake any banned work, politely explain that you have been directed by your union not to undertake the work and provide them with a copy of the above fact sheet.

If you experience any issues relating to these bans please immediately speak to your workplace or departmental committee delegate.

Your departmental committee delegates are listed on our website HERE

Have you switched to direct debit? Make sure you are protected!

If you have not yet switched to direct debit of your PSA fees, now is the time to ensure you have PSA protection prior to, during and after you transfer.

Make the switch now

The PSA will continue to represent your interests with Australian Unity and ensure that you receive the best possible deal through the transition and beyond.

Currently, as NSW Government employees you are part of the NSW industrial relations system, and your union coverage is provided by the PSA. After the transfer, you will be employed in the Federal (Fair Work) system.

The PSA is transitionally registered which means that we are able to cover you in the federal arena. Additionally, the CPSU is another part of the PSA that already covers members working in the federal system.

We have an application before the Fair Work Commission to amend our eligibility rules to more formally cover you in private sector employment and we are very confident of its prospects of success. This is being managed by the Federal Office of the CPSU.

We expect that these arrangements will be in place well before the transfer to Australian Unity in January 2016.

Make sure you are protected and make the switch NOW!

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