Notice of PSA Annual General Meeting: Become a PSA Delegate - Public Service Association

Notice of PSA Annual General Meeting: Become a PSA Delegate

Delegate Call - Nov 2020 (PDF version)

The election of PSA Art Gallery of NSW (AGNSW) Delegates will take place at the Annual General Meeting on Thursday 10 December 1 at 2:00pm. As a PSA member, you are invited to nominate as a PSA Delegate.

This year, your PSA Delegates have achieved huge successes – securing a Joint Consultative Committee with management, greater consultation regarding the Sydney Modern Project, a booming membership, an increase in temporary and ongoing employees and more. This is all possible because of your united PSA Delegate Committee, and our strong collective membership. We are asking you to become a PSA Delegate to build on these achievements.

The AGNSW workplace group strives to have delegates that are representative of its members. PSA members from the Public Engagement and Finance and Business Development divisions are strongly encouraged to stand for election to the position of delegate.

We strongly encourage candidates from underrepresented backgrounds, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, LGBTIQ+ members, and those with a disability. We continue to champion female candidates to maintain our gender parity.

For further information about becoming a delegate, contact your current PSA Delegates, or your PSA Organiser.

To nominate to become a PSA AGNSW Delegate, please email and with your name, role and department.

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