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Now is the time to get involved!

Get Involved - Feb 2020 (PDF version)

As the Machinery of Government Changes take effect and the NSW Department of Communities and Justice is formed, it is more important than ever to have say about how those changes affect you and your colleagues.

If you are you interested in working with PSA members in your workplace to resolve issues and help to grow the union, then you should consider becoming a PSA delegate.

Becoming a PSA delegate

The PSA is calling for nominations for workplace delegates to represent members across Communities and Justice workplaces at 219-241 Cleveland street, Strawberry Hills for:

  • Housing
  • Community services
  • Inner Sydney Joint child protection response unit
  • Commissioning and Planning

We are calling for four Workplace Delegates to work together with the PSA to involve more people in the union and help to resolve any issues that may arise with the support of PSA Organiser and Industrial Officer. 


You get lots of support from the union office

You are not alone as a delegate. PSA organisers are there to support you to arrange meetings with members, recruit new members and provide the resources and materials that will enable the building of union strength in the workplace.

Your industrial officers are there to provide you with expert advice and support if a workplace issue arises.

As a delegate you are protected under legislation and your award; as well as having access to paid time to undertake union activities.

You get access to free PSA training

Delegates and members can complete a range of trade union training provided by the PSA. Courses include ‘the role of the delegate’, ‘improving negotiation skills’ and ‘dealing with bullying in the workplace’.

All PSA members have access to 12 days’ paid leave each two-year period to attend PSA training courses.

The full list of training courses available is on the PSA website here:


If you want to have a say in how your union is run and want to be part of a collective effort to improve your rights at work by building strength on the ground, we encourage you to nominate and get involved in your union, the PSA. 

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