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Outsourcing of Court Reporter jobs cheap justice

Media Release

Court Reporters from the NSW Attorney General’s Department stopped work this morning to discuss a proposal to privatise civil work in the NSW Supreme Court.

The members of the Court Reporters Vocational Branch of the Public Service Association of NSW are concerned that the outsourcing of court reporting and transcription duties to the cheapest provider will mean a lowering of standards and a reduced, less professional and efficient service at a critical peak of the justice system.

Accurate and timely transcription services undertaken by experienced and highly professional reporters are relied upon by the entire legal fraternity, including judges.

Increasing the costs of transcription services will prevent ordinary people accessing the legal system.

In Divisions such as Family Law and Probate, clients will simply be unable to afford transcripts.

Without access to transcripts, appeals and judgements become virtually impossible, hampering the timely and efficient delivery of justice.

Contracting out of reporting and transcription also has clear implications for confidentiality and copyright.

Today’s stop work meeting resolved to commence a campaign to protect jobs and a professional reporting service in the interests of the entire community.

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