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Point to Point Transport – PSA RMS Public Passenger Services members Bulletin

Point to Point Transport – PSA RMS Public Passenger Services members Bulletin – 16 October 2016 (PDF Version)

Thank you to those members who were able to attend the PSA meeting on 5 October 2016.  The information you provided was put forward to Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) and the Roads and Maritime Service (RMS) as part of the ongoing consultation.

This bulletin is to follow up on some of the key concerns raised at the meeting. There will be ongoing information to members as the consultation process progresses.


The staff consultation delivered on 8 September 2016 intended to have the initial feedback period close on 22 September 2016. The PSA has had this period extended and held its first meeting with the Department on 6 October 2016 to provide initial feedback into the draft structure.

This means there has already been a substantial change to the proposed timeline and would make implementation of the placement process beginning in October unlikely.

The PSA will keep members up to date with the progress of consultation and when it is expected that implementation of the placement process for the new structure will begin.

Placement process

For Award staff, the information provided conforms to the standard placement practice of Direct Appointment, Expression of Interest and Advertise Internally and Externally. The detail for this process is in the ‘Change Management Plan’, which must be finalised prior to the start of the process.

The PSA will be raising concerns with management as to why the majority of roles are significantly different to current roles. This limits the number of direct appointments that can be made and the potential for staff to use EOI.

The PSA strongly encourages members who want to retain their employment with the Department to utilise all training opportunities, such as résumé-writing and interview-training to maximise their potential for retaining a position.


Any staff member affected by this current process, who is in a permanent/substantive position (ongoing role), who at the very end of the change management process when the new structure is finalised, and has not been placed into a position at that time, will be declared ‘excess’.

With the knowledge that there are proposed changes pending within other areas, where affected staff from the Point to Point Transport have an opportunity to secure ongoing employment, the PSA will seek to maximise placement opportunities.

Any staff declared excess must be managed in accordance with the NSW Managing Excess Employees Policy. The only exception is for those staff who are currently on maternity leave, who cannot be declared excess until returning back to work. Members are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the policy.

Further, staff who are currently permanent cannot lose their permanent status, even if they take a temporary role either within or outside of their current agency. In this circumstance, the date upon which they can be declared excess is deferred until such time as the temporary employment ceases.

Being away on leave during a change period

There will always be situations where some staff have leave plans that cannot be altered during a change management period. Management have an obligation to staff to ensure that they are not disadvantaged. If you are going to be on leave, please discuss this with your immediate supervisor as to what support you may need so that you are not disadvantaged.

Further assistance

As your employer, the RMS has a responsibility to ensure that staff have the appropriate support to assist them during any change management process. If you feel that you require additional support you can make use of the confidential Employee Assistance Program HERE.



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