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Police Band Bulletin (PDF Version)

Your union, the PSA, conducted a meeting at the Police Band premises on Wednesday, 15 April 2015. The purpose of the meeting was to seek your input regarding the negotiation of the Police Band Award. Attendees were briefed on the process of the negotiations and the consultation with members. Thank you to all who attended.

In addition to your PSA delegates, Gareth Lewis and Adam Malone, PSA members Adrian Hallam and Glenn Henrich, with Craig Mitten as an alternate, have nominated for the bargaining team.

Thanks to these members for committing to this important work.

Issues arising from the meeting included:

  • Current lack of clarity and standardisation around rostering
  • Travel and meal-related allowances
  • Lack of recognition of the value of “practice time” and the lack of facilities for practice
  • Working from home provisions and policy
  • Current recreation leave entitlement of 6 weeks and shut-down periods
  • Professional development
  • Work health and safety issues

Where to now?

  • The meeting raised important issues that will inform our position in the upcoming award negotiations.
  • Your PSA bargaining team will now begin negotiations with management.
  • The bargaining team will keep members updated as the process moves forward.

Bargaining team members:

What can you do?

  • Give a copy of this bulletin to your colleagues.
  • Print this bulletin and put it up on your notice board.
  • Ask a colleague to join the PSA.
  • Get involved as your Area Contact.
  • Attend a meeting at your worksite.

Update your details

If you have moved, have a new work email, work phone, or work location, please update your membership details at:


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