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Police: PSA Day of Action: Wednesday 8th June 2022

Last week, the PSA held its Annual Conference, in which delegates and members overwhelmingly supported the PSA’s campaign for a fair wage increase.  As a result, a motion was passed endorsing a state-wide 24-hour stop work on Wednesday 8 June 2022, for all members working across the NSW Public Sector.

Members working in critical frontline roles may need to remain at work to ensure community safety. In Police, this would include any staff who respond directly to calls for assistance from the public where the protection of life and property is at stake. This includes PoliceLink Customer Service Representatives and Radio Operations Communications Officers rostered for dispatching or responding to triple zero calls. Members who cannot strike should talk to their delegates about taking more limited industrial action such as bans on the day.

The motion passed by delegates states that in the event that the PSA does not receive a wage offer that addresses inflation and the cost of living by close of business Monday 6 June 2022, this meeting endorses a campaign of industrial action to commence on h June 2022.

Reasons for our stop work

The Perrottet Government has continued to refuse to rescind its unfair and unjust workplace laws that cap wage rises at 2.5 per cent. As its wages policy also includes any federally legislated superannuation increases, this means its policy allows for a wage rise of just 2.04 per cent and a 0.5 per cent rise in superannuation. The current rate of inflation is 5.1 per cent. The Perrottet Government already cut wages in 2020 by capping wage rises to 0.3 per cent per cent for NSW Public Sector Workers. A wage rise of 2.04 per cent in 2022 will mean an effective pay cut of 3.06 per cent.

The Public Sector Needs a Pay Rise

In 2011, the NSW Liberal-National Government introduced the NSW Public Sector Wages Policy. This means whenever the PSA lodges a pay claim, the NSW Industrial Relations Commission is limited by law to awarding no more than 2.5 per cent, no matter how strong our case. Reserve Bank Governor Philip Lowe warned in 2019 that public sector pay caps are entrenching low wage growth and wanted them lifted to at least three per cent.

The NSW Government must remove the cap on Public Sector wages. If wages fail to keep pace with inflation, the NSW Government will oversee an enormous drop in living standards for the people of our state. As the largest employer in the state, its well past time for the Perrottet Government to act.

Stop Work Wednesday 8 June 2022

All PSA members across NSW Police are directed to follow the above motion and support the 24-hour stop work on Wednesday 8 June 2022. As stated above, members working in critical frontline roles may need to remain at work to ensure community safety. PSA members will be rallying in Hyde Park Sydney before marching to Macquarie Street to make our claim heard.  Further details are available HERE.

What happens when I stop work?

You will not be paid for the time that you have ceased work.


If you know anyone who is not a member who would like to join the campaign to seek a fair and reasonable pay rise, ask them to join the PSA today at www.psa.asn.au to ensure they can participate in the PSA Day of Action.

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