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Powerhouse Museum Change Management Plan: PSA is in dispute

Consultation is ongoing between the PSA and the Powerhouse Museum over the current Change Management Plan (CMP). However, PSA members are voicing their concerns that the CMP is not at a point where we would agree to proceed with finalising.

Some of the proposed outcomes pending from this Review/CMP need far more discussion and communication due to the possible far-reaching impacts they may have on our members and the Powerhouse Museum. Whilst we recognised that the Powerhouse agreed to our initial request for an extension, we have not received a response to our query in terms of the other times frames within the CMP (including its confirmation). Nor were we provided with Role Descriptions. We are concerned that this appears to be rushed to be finalised before the end of the calendar year and that this it at the expense of properly considered change.

New Directorates are being created with new roles at the most senior levels. Role Descriptions have not been provided for comment for those essential roles and will not be finalised prior to the close of the consultation period.

Curator Role Descriptions have been redrafted and we have been advised that they will be evaluated in the near future, but not within the consultation period. We maintain a level of uncertainty in terms of advice that employees will be placed in these positions when the RDs have not been assessed.

We are significantly concerned about the undermining and deskilling of curator roles by breaking up the components of the curator duties across two Divisions, as well as the renaming a team and the roles within as curators and undermining the value of the curator. There has also not been sufficient information regarding the creation of the Community Curator role.

The Head of Program role is being made redundant without a sufficiently clear rationale. There is also a lack of clarity regarding the impacts on the Learning team and Library and Archives. Teams and individuals are being moved without sufficient consideration of impacts.

This CMP has the potential to have major implications on employees of the Powerhouse yet it appears to be rushed, piecemeal and lacking in sufficient detail. We believe the Powerhouse is not consulting appropriately and in line with the requirements and expectation of the Crown Employees (Public Service Conditions of Employment) Reviewed award 2009.

To this end, The PSA has notified the Powerhouse Museum of a dispute and we will be in the NSW Industrial Relations Commission on Tuesday 12 December 2022. We will provide a further report back to members following the conciliation conference.

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