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Powerhouse Museum: PSA members’ update

Following on from our last PSA members’ meeting on 9 February, your PSA Delegates and industrial Staff met with management at the Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) on 17 February and had a report back to the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) on 20 February. This an update to members about those meetings.

Change Management Plan

The PSA considers the following issues to be the major points of difference between management and members in relation to the Change Management plan :

  • Concerns still with the proposed change to the Curator role description
  • Senior Curator and Assistant Curator Role descriptions are still to be provided and refined
  • Allocation of Curatorial staff to either the Collections or Program Streams (with a clear majority of the existing staff wishing to go to/ remain with program)
  • Staff relocation from Ultimo; particularly to Castle Hill and what Flexible Working Arrangements, such as work from home, can be utilised to support staff.

These points were reported back to the IRC and are on the record. However, the initial dispute filed towards the end of 2022 was primarily about the lack of consultation. While we are a long way from reaching a consensus with management the current utility of this dispute has now been resolved and accordingly these proceedings have now been concluded.

Where to from here?

There is still the need for ongoing consultation, especially around the role descriptions, allocation and the relocation of staff. The PSA will continue to meet with Powerhouse Museum management to represent and address the concerns of our members.





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