Powerhouse Museum update: Program & Collection Change Management Plan - Public Service Association

Powerhouse Museum update: Program & Collection Change Management Plan

You may be aware the PSA lodged a dispute with the Powerhouse in regard to our concerns over the consultation processes relating to the Program & Collection Change Management Plan. That matter was before the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) yesterday.

The PSA argued that we required much more detail to enable us to be fully involved in the consultation process. We found the IRC to be helpful and understanding. It was of particular concern to us that the imminent advertising of the Director Powerhouse Programs role essentially set us on a course that limited further discussion. It was therefore agreed in the IRC that this would not be advertised before 13 February 2023.

In the meantime, the PSA and the Powerhouse will meet to discuss relevant issues. Essentially the first thing on the agenda is the provision of all relevant information, including all new or altered role descriptions. At the time of writing this bulletin we are coordinating a meeting for next week.

The PSA advised that on the basis of further discussion pending (and further information being provided) we would not be putting our submission in today. This was understood by the Commissioner and the Powerhouse.

We continue to seek feedback from you, either directly or through your delegates, and we will keep you informed of how matters progress.

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