Extension of restructure timeframe – “Go Live” date changed to 13 February  2023 - Public Service Association

Extension of restructure timeframe – “Go Live” date changed to 13 February  2023

Thank you to the many members who have participated in providing feedback regarding the restructure. The PSA has submitted literally hundreds of questions to HR on behalf of the membership, and your delegates and PSA Industrial staff have been busy attending consultation meetings to advocate for you.

The efforts of delegates and members has compelled CSNSW to extend the timeline for finalising the new structure to 13 February 2023 (when SAP changes are supposed to be in place). This is a relief for much of the membership who are concerned that their questions will not have been responded to before the implementation of the restructure by CSNSW.

To ensure that all the feedback is properly considered and any adjustments to the proposed structure can be made, CSNSW has decided to defer the ‘go live’ date for SAP changes to 13 Feb 2023. After the 19 December 2022, CSNSW will distribute a summary of feedback received during consultation and the changes that are being made to the proposed structure as a result of this feedback

Between 19 December 2022 and 13 February 2023, CSNSW may be able to transition some teams to the new structure while some still require further consideration of the feedback.

In summary, from the 19 December 2022, unless staff are advised otherwise by their Executive or the transition plan, operations are business as usual.

Consultation process secures changes

Your PSA members and delegates have been busy submitting well-considered and precise questions of the proposals being considered.  These questions, as well as the offering of alternatives to the proposals, have brought about genuine changes.  For instance, the proposal to realign the Assessment and Planning Officer (APO) role and function with Custodial Case Management Units has been reconsidered, and CSNSW have confirmed that the Assessment and Planning Officer roles will continue reporting to the Education Services Coordinator within CSI Education.

Classification and State Sentence Administration

On 13 December 2022 the PSA met with CSNSW specifically in relation to concerns raised by members in Classification and State Sentence Administration.

During the meeting, the PSA requested information regarding the crossover of workload between Classification and State Sentence Administration. CSNSW advised that as the new Director for the area had not been appointed, they could not provide a response in concrete terms.  However, at this stage there have been no discussions regarding the crossover of work between two areas.

The PSA requested information regarding reporting lines. CSNSW advised that as the Director had not yet been appointed, they could not speak with any certainty regarding reporting lines. CSNSW however confirmed that the Director will report directly to Deputy Commissioner and not an Assistant Commissioner.

The PSA raised the matter of the recent classification reforms and the technical process of classifying inmates in relation to staffing profiles at the centre level. CSNSW confirmed that there will be no change at this stage to staffing profiles.

The PSA inquired as to whether State Sentence Administration and Classification will be in the same office. CSNSW advised that there had been no discussion regarding this issue, once again as the Director had not been appointed.

The PSA raised the flexible work arrangements (and working from home in particular) currently within State Sentence Administration. CSNSW advised that these flexible work arrangements would not change because of the restructure and they expect the flexibility afforded to continue.

CSNSW advised that an announcement on the new Director was imminent.


PSA Industrial Staff

Chris Auld – Organiser

Monika Wunderlin – Industrial Officer



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