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Powerhouse Museum: Visitor Services move

Visitor Services Move Update - Nov 2020 (PDF version)

The PSA has written to management regarding the proposed Visitor Services Department move from Level 5 to the Harwood building.

You can read the letter HERE.  

PSA members have raised multiple concerns regarding this move. These include:

  • Work Health & Safety concerns – First Aid Officer’s breaks will now be based in the Harwood building
  • Facility concerns – a reported lack of Harwood bathrooms, kitchenettes and change rooms to service an increase in staffing arrangements; concerns about storage places for personal items in the Museum
  • Consultation concerns – a perception that consultation has, at times, been limited.

In a recent survey sent to PSA members, the move was overwhelmingly opposed. Some highlights of the survey include:

  • 94% of participants were opposed to the move and frustrated by the decision
  • 76% of participants felt there was limited consultation with staff
  • 90% of participants wanted a new break room within the museum
  • 83% of participants had concerns about access to lockers, and
  • 73% of participants had concerns about the number of suitable facilities in the Harwood building.

There was also a number of extremely valuable open-ended comments that have guided and shaped our feedback to the Museum.

As requested by members, the PSA has written to management seeking they reconsider this decision. Further, on the request of members, the PSA has also sought a meeting with management, in the hope that alternative arrangements may be canvassed and that an agreeable outcome can be reached.

The PSA is your voice at the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences. We thank members for their consistent feedback, and will keep members updated as this matter progresses.

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