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Practice Guide to Innovation (PGI) update

Following the last bulletin reporting on the August JCC meeting with Community Corrections, the PSA has been provided clarification regarding the Practice Guide to Intervention (PGI).

The PSA can advise that Community Corrections is exploring different approaches to service delivery, including flexibility through generative change. Except for any approved generative change initiatives (see AC Memo 2023/15) relating to mandatory PGIs, the policy remains that all offenders in the community with an LSI-R of medium or above and those with Pre-release (PR) 2 or 3 are required to participate in PGIs as part of regular supervision. PGIs must also be used with offenders at pre-sentence stage to support sentencing assessments and to enable smooth transition to planned supervision after sentencing.

Community Corrections will continue to update and consult with the PSA as we explore different approaches to service delivery.

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