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The PSA answers your PDP queries

The PSA answers your PFP queries – December 2018 (PDF version)

The PSA has had several queries in regard to the introduction of PDPs in Fisheries. As a result, a discussion was held with the department to clarify certain points.

PDPs are intended as part of an ongoing developmental process for employees and are strongly seen as a structured conversation between staff member and supervisor. When done well they can be extremely beneficial.

Management of DPI Fisheries sought advice from the People and Culture Unit to assist with the conducting of PDPs and a guide was subsequently forwarded to staff.

The PSA sought clarification about this information and it was confirmed that it is a guide only and meant to assist staff and managers to understand the sorts of things that can be included in your PDP. It is not intended that you include all of that information.

Whilst PDPs are a documented process, the conversation between the two parties is essential. The resulting document is not meant to be overly long.

PDPs should not be used as pseudo poor performance management. This is a separate process entirely.

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