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PSA claims administrative employee rights for Special Constables

Claim - Sept 2020 (PDF version)

Following discussions with Delegates from the Special Constables Advisory Group, the PSA has commenced an additional process aimed at increasing remuneration and entitlements for Special Constables.

On 16 September 2020, the PSA sent a claim to NSW Police requiring that it make available conditions and allowances under the Police Administrative Officers Award.

Special Constables became Administrative Officers in 2014, but Police has not been applying the Administrative Officers Award. This award contains a number of important conditions, including uniform allowance, meal breaks or penalties in lieu, and travelling allowances.

As Special Constables have been saying for years, it is unfair that members continue to be employed on pay and conditions inferior to other PSA members in Police, in spite of being changed from Ministerial Employees to Police Administrative Officers in 2014.

This new claim is separate from the Work Value claim which is currently in preparation by PSA lawyers, following the withdrawal of our earlier Role Description dispute. If we are successful with the new claim, it could result in increased payments to Special Constables commencing within a reasonably short time frame.

Your Organiser Glenn Duncan will be visiting all Special Constable sites over the coming weeks. If you want to get more involved or have questions about joining, please contact him on .

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