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Special Constables’ Rank and Insignia: PSA files dispute

The PSA, with the assistance of your Delegates, has been a part of an ongoing process to update the rank and insignia of Special Constables. The PSA has put forward multiple proposals to the NSW Police Force for consideration, taking into account any feedback we received from the employer. The objectives of these proposals were, from the PSA’s view, to acknowledge the service of Special Constables and bring them into line with other comparable roles within the NSW Public Service.

As part of this process our final proposal was submitted in December last year and there had been an expectation that we would have some feedback. We have continually been told that this proposal has been put through the appropriate channels, yet to date no concrete evidence has been provided that this has happened. We have attempted this entire time to engage in good faith around what could be a significant, positive change for our membership.

However, due to the protracted nature of this process and the lack of communication the PSA has received around where our proposal currently is, the PSA has filed a dispute with the Industrial Relations Commission with a hearing date set for the 16 May 2023.

Members can expect a further update following this hearing.

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