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PSA Meeting with Planning Minister – SOPA Operation & Reform

The PSA General Secretary and SOPA workplace delegates met with Planning Minister Scully regarding the operation of SOPA and the recent proposed reform of several different branches on Wednesday 19 July.

The PSA delegation was warmly received and the discussion items included:

  1. The rationale for the proposed reform that was predicted upon an ethos from a previous Government with questionable support for SOPA;
  2. The previously successful efforts of the then Labor opposition to keep SOPA whole, despite legislative efforts in 2017 and 2020;
  3. The loss of long standing SES staff to SOPA and the potential for further losses;
  4. The Labor vision and direction for SOPA that should be better aligned with the acceptance of the 2050 Master Plan;
  5. The current budgetary circumstances of SOPA after 12 years of efficiency dividends and previous Government neglect;
  6. A reform that will cost jobs and will have negative impacts on the ability of SOPA to administer functions within its Act.

The PSA has asked Minister Scully to review the decisions by SOPA management to reform based upon reports from consultancy firms, before such time as the 2050 Master Plan is enacted on the 640 hectare site.

The PSA maintains this is an opportune moment for this Government to review the current circumstances and think about what they want from such a special precinct and how to revitalize it for the next 25 years. That vision is only enabled from the tireless work of our members to keep its Olympic legacy alive.

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