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Sydney Olympic Park Authority: Proposed substantial reform due to budgetary blackhole

The PSA met with the Chief Executive Officer on Tuesday 6 June 2023 to begin consultation on the budget and proposed reforms to business streams. The briefing went through the current state of the budget, the rationale for change and the extent of reform proposed as part of the Change Management Plan.

This is the latest review of Sydney Olympic Park Authority (SOPA) operations following the dissolution of Lifestyle and Business Events business units along with other administration reforms.

While initial concerns that would see operational control outsourced have been put to one side for now, the proposed reform is substantial and will affect a significant proportion of the SOPA workforce resulting in job losses.

To bridge the gap between revenue and expenditure, SOPA are attempting to reduce its workforce as well as reviewing the money-making sources within the Authority.

Without further NSW Government financial assistance and support, it is the PSA’s view that reform of this nature will impact on the provision of the legislated obligations of the Authority and the ability to administer SOPAs Masterplan.

Next steps

The PSA is the voice of the members, and we want to hear from you. We have three questions:

  1. What can be done differently to reform SOPA?
  2. What revenue enhancements can be explored?
  3. What are the consequences of the proposed reform?

Your feedback can be provided to PSA Industrial Officer Shane Howes at .

The PSA has raised this with the Planning Minister and will report back to members following those discussions.

The PSA wants to see SOPA as a whole and financially viable operation that upholds its Olympic legacy as a premium destination, a world-class economic residential and commercial plan, a vibrant suburb with sufficient infrastructure as well as an extensive public transportation hub.

What can you do?

Be a part of the campaign and become a PSA member if you haven’t already joined.

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