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PSA win on expectation to escort clients

Recently, members raised with the PSA that Legal Aid Solicitors were expected to escort unvaccinated clients to have rapid antigen testing.

We quickly raised this with the current Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO). As well as being a potentially unsafe practice, this is not the role of a Legal Aid Solicitor.

The acting CEO and Head of Human Resources both agreed this should not be happening and was is not within the scope of a Legal Aid Solicitor’s role.

The PSA is committed to your wellbeing at work – this outcome was only achievable due to a strong membership within Legal Aid. If you wish to become more involved, have a colleague who is interested in joining, or have questions, contact our Member Support Centre on 1300 772 679 or one of the contacts listed below.

Your PSA Staff

Andrew Wright Industrial Officer

Glenn Duncan Organiser

Your Legal Aid Delegates

Elanor Canning
Dane Bracewell
Christine Harvey
Sandie Marr
Imogen Szumer
Nicole Corner
Sally Deans
Christina Youssef

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