PSA Work to Rule Direction suspended – IRC recommends suspension of Work to Rule Direction until further conciliation hearing on 28 August 2019

Work to rule suspended - Aug 2019 (PDF version)

Following a PSA direction issued on 13 August 2019 that Special Constables work to rule from 20 August 2019, NSW Police listed the matter for a compulsory hearing in the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) on 15 August 2019.

In the proceedings, the Industrial Relations Commissioner made the following recommendation:

That the PSA and its officers, employees and members appointed by the Commissioner of Police under the Police Act 1990 in the function of Special Constable immediately cease organising and refrain from taking any form of industrial action in relation to working to rule, wearing arms and appointments, overwatch duty, external patrols, including any strike, stop work meeting, ban, relieving ban, limitation or restriction on a performance of work and must not recommence engaging, or threating to engage in industrial action until the matter is next before the Commission on 28 August 2019.

The PSA has decided to accept this recommendation of the IRC.

Accordingly, the PSA’s direction to work to rule issued on 13 August 2019 (available HERE) is suspended until further notice by the PSA.

The matter is set down for a further hearing on Wednesday 28 August.

The PSA has today written to the NSW Police Minister to seek an urgent meeting to discuss the dispute.

Members will continue to receive updates as this matter progresses, including videos on our Facebook page available HERE and HERE.

The PSA will be fighting hard in the media and political spheres to ramp up pressure for a fair Role Description for Special Constables during this period.

Members should encourage their family and friends to contact talkback radio and other media or political contacts to strongly voice their concerns.

These two weeks are the time to fight for your proper and deserved recognition!

Andrew Wright, Industrial Officer
0490 498 784

Roland Harris, Organiser
0438 402 503

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