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Revenue NSW – dispute update June

Revenue NSW – dispute update June 2018 (pdf version)

The PSA applied to relist our dispute in the Industrial Relations Commission on 5 June and was heard immediately on 6 June.

By way of background, the PSA had previously requested the following:

  • Details on the number of staff, at each applicable grade, who expressed an interest in receiving a Voluntary Redundancy (note the PSA is only seeking raw numbers).
  • The timeframe for when formal offers of VR as a result of the EOI will be made.
  • A clear outline, and timeframe, of when direct appointments will be considered and made, as per the RMP.
  • That the business confirm it has received enough interest of VRs at each grade to directly appoint staff who did not wish to receive a VR, and that there will be no need for any further comparative assessment, including interviews.

The PSA has pointed out the contrasting and conflicting timelines Revenue NSW has distributed regarding the EOI process for VRs and roles in the new structure. However, Revenue NSW fails to see the issue. Revenue NSW maintains it is “acting in the best interests of all its employees”.

At the Commission on 6 June, DFSI maintained there was no need for staff to be concerned about the process, and that direct assignment remains a very real possibility once the staff who expressed an interest in VR are informed of the formal outcome on 12 June.

The PSA was able to gain a commitment that any person who applied for a VR but is ultimately unsuccessful, will not be disadvantaged by the fact that EOIs to remain had closed on 7 June, and will be able to participate in the application process if they wish, and if it is required, after 12 June.

Additionally, the PSA had been given a commitment that it is the business’s intent to inform employees of the successful outcome of their VR EOI on 12 June, at which point direct assessment can be considered on an individual basis.

DFSI did not give a commitment that there will be no need for further assessment, stating it was unable to give that commitment at this time. However if the numbers line up, there is the ability for direct assignment to occur.

The PSA will progress our position that no further assessment is required, and advocate for direct assignment of our members. If there is any member who ultimately is informed they are missing out on a job when they wish to remain, we will advocate on their behalf and have leave to relist the dispute in the IRC.

If you are not yet a member of the PSA, now is the time to join at

Additionally, the PSA has been contacted by DFSI Employee Relations about ensuring professional conduct continue in the workplace

We understand that staff are in a high state of anxiety – and rightfully so due to the approach the Department has adopted throughout this restructure. However, we’d like to advise you to be mindful of your colleagues’ sensitivities and respect their privacy.

Please keep an eye out for PSA Bulletins and when unsure of an issue contact your Delegates or the PSA Member Support Centre on 1300 772 679.

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