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Revenue NSW member update

Revenue NSW member update – June 2018 (PDF version)

The PSA notified Revenue NSW on Thursday 14th June that we would relist our dispute as a result of a number of members being declared excess despite there being more VR’s offered than positions set to be deleted as per the RMP. While the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) could not hear our dispute until today, Wednesday 20th June, the IRC instructed the two parties to confer regarding the dispute before it being heard.

As a result of the discussions between the PSA and DFSI Industrial Relations, Revenue NSW has committed to further meetings with affected staff who did not wish to receive a VR, with PSA support if they are members, with a view at looking at options for appointment to suitable positions.

This includes an option for staff to be temporarily assigned to one of the new roles for a period of six months, with Revenue NSW to provide training and support for employees they have assessed to not have the skills required for direct assignment in to the new roles.

The IRC made a recommendation that these meetings occur as soon as possible, and that this option be explored.

While the PSA argued that this option should have been explored before declaring staff excess, this represents a significant opportunity for those that wish to remain to be able to do so. The PSA would like to clarify that we are not seeking to have staff appointed who wish to take a VR.

The PSA will confirm with DFSI on when these meetings will occur, and support will be provided for these meetings.

As per our last bulletin, the PSA was contacted by members who wished to remain in the new structure despite being declared excess on the 14th June, and would encourage anyone whom has not done so to forward your details to Industrial Manager Nathan Bradshaw at .

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