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Roads and Maritime Services Registry staff bulletin

Roads and Maritime Services Registry staff bulletin – June 2016 (PDF version)

Part-time Registry Staff were provided with an updated Voluntary Redundancy calculation on 14 April 2016. The advice from Public Sector Industrial Relations advised change in the way the ‘incentive’ portion of the Voluntary Redundancy was calculated.

As a consequence, the indicative figures have varied from those figures provided previously. Many staff have received offers that are considerably lower than the first calculation. The rationale provided in that correspondence was that the incentive part of the Redundancy would be calculated on the part-time rate of pay.

After collating information from various members, the PSA has written to the RMS as part of the dispute resolutions procedures in order seek an acceptable calculation of those ‘incentive’ entitlements.

Many part-time staff have worked in excess of their contracted hours for considerable periods of time. The PSA is concerned these hours are not taken into consideration when calculating these ‘incentive’ payments.

The PSA will provide further updates.

If you are affected how can you help?

If you have not already provided your details to the PSA Member Support Centre, you can do so by emailing . A copy of your first and second Voluntary Redundancy calculations and an approximation of extra hours worked over your contacted hours would also be helpful.

What happens if I don’t sign my offer of Voluntary Redundancy?

The PSA has had discussions with affected members who upon questioning those calculations, have been reluctant to sign the offer of Voluntary Redundancy. The PSA advises that members should be cognisant of Managing Excess Employees Policy of the NSW Government. If an offer of Voluntary Redundancy is not accepted in the two week timeframe, the offer is then not accepted and staff would be subject to the redeployment portion of the policy. If a position is not found across the NSW public sector within 12 weeks, the staff member can be forcibly retrenched on a considerably lower figure.

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