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Roads & Maritime Services paid meal breaks update

Roads and Maritime Services paid meal breaks update – January 2017 (PDF version)

Enforcement Operation Inspectors paid meal break update

As EOIs are aware, PSA and RMS have been in dispute regarding clause 22.2(a)(ii) of the Roads and Maritime Services Consolidated Salaried Award 2014.

22.2 Shift work hours

a) For Salaried Employees rostered on shift work (including field work), unless specific provisions apply:

ii) the ordinary working hours for afternoon and night shifts shall not exceed those worked daily or weekly by other Head Office Employees working normal hours Monday to Friday. Meal breaks shall be of thirty minutes duration and shall be taken as part of the ordinary working hours, to be paid for at the appropriate shift rate;

A bulletin was sent in December 2016 advising of the offer RMS was proposing to resolve the dispute with the PSA inviting members view the offer then vote to accept or reject the offer.

The majority of members voted to accept the offer the RMS put to PSA members.

Next steps

The PSA will write to RMS advising that the vote of the members is to accept the RMS offer and that previous 12 months of payment and any future payment will resolve the dispute around paid meal breaks.

A further report back to the NSW Industrial Relations Commission has been set for 14 February 2017 where the PSA will advise that this part of the dispute has been resolved and the matter can now be concluded.

This is a positive result for PSA members who will now receive payment for meal breaks taken on afternoon or night shifts from now and into the future with further clarification placed within the coming 2017 award negotiations.

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