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Role Capability Review – Surveillance Officer update

Capability Review - Nov 2020 (PDF version)

The PSA wrote to Transport for NSW in October seeking an update on a pending Role Capability Review for Surveillance Officers and a number of supervisory roles.

The Department has advised there are two phases to the undertaking for Works Supervisors (WS) and Surveillance Officers (SO). The first phase was for WS which is now complete – these staff were all in Regional and Outer Metropolitan (ROM). The union was consulted on the various progression documents and new role descriptions that were used as part of the capability needs analysis.

The second phase is for SO’s whom are employed across three different divisions, ROM, Infrastructure and Place (I&P) and Greater Sydney (GS), so this review has taken a longer period of time.

The Department advised that the briefing note in relation to the matter has now been approved and the businesses will now consider the various roles and any regrading that will need to be identified.

The current SO role is, with a few exceptions, graded at USS7. The capability needs analysis identified that roles would now be graded at USS 7, USS 8 or USS 9, which now provides the opportunity for much better career progression for the SOs, and similarly for WSs.

There are also a few USS 5 SOs and they will move to a USS 7 as this is the new lowest grade. Approval date is the 26 October 2020.

Supervisory Staff on the Sydney Harbour Bridge are also part of this review and those roles will be assessed to identify any roles that require regrading.

Any member with concerns or seek further information please contact the Member Support Centre 1300 772 679 or .

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