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St. George PAC: Changes to GASO Roster

St. George PAC – Changes to GASO Roster – February 2019 (PDF version)

The PSA was recently advised of changes to the GASO roster at St. George PAC, in particular that the Command intends to trial starting times of 9:30am instead of 10am. This means the shifts would finish at 6:45pm instead of 7:15pm.

Members advised that the counters of both stations are often very busy at these times in the evenings due to the high traffic locations of the stations.

Members also advised that concerns about the counter workload in the evening had been raised and noted but a decision to go ahead with the trial remained.

The PSA has concerns that GASO members already end up working past the 7:15pm shift finishing time and cutting it back further will expose our members to an even higher risk of working unpaid past their shift finishing times.

With this roster change, the Command has determined that coverage is no longer required on station counters between 6:45pm and 7:15pm.

GASO members should not work a minute past their rostered finishing time unless they are directed to work paid overtime.

Whilst the PSA understands the dedication of members to the service level NSW Police provides to the public, it is not fair to have to complete any portion of this work unpaid.

Any member required to work past their shift finishing time should confirm that they are being directed to work overtime and have it recorded appropriately.

The working of paid overtime is governed by the relevant clauses of the NSW Police Force Administrative Officers and Temporary Employees Award 2009.

If you are facing any issues by following this procedure, please immediately get in touch with:

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