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State Archives and Records Authority and Sydney Living Museums: possible amalgamation

Possible amalgamation - Jan 2020 (PDF version)

The PSA is aware of the recent staff-wide communication from Executive Director, Adam Lindsay, regarding the Minister’s decision to refer the State Records Act and Historic Houses Act to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Social Issues, effectively amalgamating Sydney Living Museums and State Archives and Records Authority. Mr Lindsay made direct contact with the PSA to advise us of the communication.

Whilst there is no certainty that this will occur the PSA would like to ensure that our members’ views on this are heard prior to a decision being made. The PSA not only acknowledges the massive level of knowledge existing among our membership, but also our members’ passion and commitment to the work they do.

What we seek are any issues that you see regarding the bringing of these organisations together and the other reforms referred to in the communication; how they will affect the organisation and how they will affect you.

Whilst we are advised that this is not intended as a cost cutting exercise, it is always important to properly consider the impacts of change. The PSA focus is always towards protecting the jobs and the conditions of our members. We are most effective in this when we listen to our members’ views and concerns. This is what makes us a strong union.

Once you have provided us with your views we will communicate any concerns with management.

It would be appreciated if we could have responses by Monday 3 February, 2020.

If you are from Sydney Living Museums please contact Davis Murphy by email on .

If you are from State Archives and Records Authority please contact Ian Little on .

We note in Mr Lindsay’s communication his reference to the information within being confidential. As advised it has, appropriately, been provided to the union and communication with us does not breach your obligations.

It is also important to be aware that a strong union becomes a stronger union when more people join. If you are aware of someone working with you who is not currently a member suggest that they join.

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