TfNSW Industrial Bulletin – May 2023. - Public Service Association

TfNSW Industrial Bulletin – May 2023.

Transport for NSW & Union Leadership Forum Quarterly Meeting

The PSA attended the inaugural quarterly peak consultative meeting between TfNSW, the Combined Transport Unions (CTU). The initial meeting was attended by the Minister for Transport Jo Haylen and Secretary of TfNSW and the SES of Transport for NSW. This forum offers all parties a fresh start which is a significant and positive shift from the previous relationship between unions, the agency and the Government.

The Minister made clear the Government’s intention to work collaboratively with the PSA and considers union members and transport staff as key essential component in delivering the future vision and direction of Transport in NSW. The PSA considers this a refreshing but long-awaited change.

The chair of the meeting, Acting TfNSW Secretary Howard Collins, reflected on the key policy vision of the new Government and his intention to establish a new relationship model between unions and TfNSW. The new Leadership Forum is in addition to the current established joint consultative arrangements across Transport and addresses a key ask of the PSA, which is for public sector agencies to be more accountable and show respect from public sector Secretaries towards unions.

Whilst there is more to do, the new Minister has already engaged in several important reviews across the Transport cluster. The Minister is initiating a wholistic review of the Sydney Metro with more details once we have a better idea of the process and ToR.

Key concerns for the PSA is to advocate strongly that TfNSW to fill all vacant temporary and ongoing Treasury funded roles, and reduce the inefficient reliance on agency contractors to fill vacancies in the TfNSW establishment. For TfNSW to address instances of insecure work and mitigate WHS risks, reduce workload pressure and improve flexible work provisions.

We look forward to this being a positive change and reporting back to members throughout the development of this new forum.

Transport Award Negotiations 2023

Prior to the Leadership Forum the PSA “The Association” attended Combined Trade Unions (CTU) meeting with regards to our current log of claims for the 2023 Award negotiations. Given that there has now been a change in Government and the new Government has committed to scrapping the wages cap of the former government, things are still dynamic as to how these negotiations will progress. Unions NSW will provide formal notice in writing of CTU’s log-of-claims to TfNSW this week. The PSA will keep members up to date as to how all these negotiations progress when we have the information at hand.

Growing The PSA’s Strength and Power in Your Workplaces

The PSA considers the new industrial landscape as fresh opportunity to achieve stronger workplace conditions and salaries for our members. If you’re not yet a member of the PSA and please consider joining and making the Union that support, you stronger. PSA Membership Form Here:

If you would like to take a more active role in your workplace, please contact by email Izzy Maish PSA Organiser for TfNSW: .

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