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Transport Management Centre consultation and award negotiations

Transport Management Centre consultation

On 24 February 2022 the PSA met with Transport Management Centre (TMC) Management to continue discussions regarding issues in the workplace.  The following items were discussed:

  1. Recruitment: We have continued to pressure the TMC to fill vacant roles. We understand the recruitment has commenced this week.
  2. Cultural Review: Not only is a working party looking to be developed but the TMC are also engaging in a cultural review of the unit. The review is currently underway and outcomes imminent.  The PSA will continue to be informed and where required be consulted.
  3. Framework: The PSA is in continued consultation with TMC Management about a framework to ensure that if MOC’s are utilised for TOC work then:
  1. appropriate training is provided;
  2. it is for emergency use only, otherwise like all other ongoing vacancies are to be filled through appropriate recruitment procedures; and
  3. where there are differences in Award and the pay rates are higher, the correct industrial instrument is applied; and
  4. no MOC Is to be forced to do training or undertake TOC work.

If members believe any further measures should be put in place please contact the PSA. Our contact details are at the bottom of the bulletin or you can fill in our anonymous survey here.

  1. Duty Manager: Consultation should be commencing soon.

The PSA continues to meet with TMC management to resolve the above and any emerging workplace issues. If you have any concerns or problems, please let the PSA know you can complete this survey HERE or contact PSA Organiser Ben James at or 0438 485 535.  Ben will also be out on site for members to discuss any concerns of ask questions, you can meet Ben the following days:

Dates 4 March, 10 March, 16 March, 23 March
Time 12:00pm-4:00pm
Location Meeting room 1, ground floor (GR MR.01)

Award negotiations

The combined unions held a mass members meeting on 1 March for a general log of claims to be endorsed by the membership. The unions, including the PSA, are developing specific log of claims.

We are pleased that the majority of the combined union members endorsed the log.

As part of the general log the PSA has included a wage claim of a minimum 3.6 per cent.  We are currently experiencing higher prices and inflation is rising faster than for most of the past decade. The impact of the NSW Coalition Government in 2011 legislating a wages cap on the public sector of 2.5 per cent, which remains in force, means that members wages will go backwards. The simple fact is that the wages cap means our pay rises are no longer keeping up with inflation.

The PSA will be communicating with members not only to gauge how members feel about the wage claim but also arranging member meetings over the coming weeks. The purpose of the meetings will be to run through the general log of claims and engage further with our members on the specific log of claims.

Look out for your invite it will be a good opportunity for members in the TMC to discuss any rostering provisions they would like to see in the award and any questions relating to the impact of the wages cap.

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