Members' bulletin: icare - Public Service Association

Members’ bulletin: icare

The first Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) with icare for 2022 was held on 24 of February and was attended by your PSA Delegates and industrial staff. The following is a report back to members on that meeting.

  1. Return to office

As we start to finally look at coming out of the ongoing restrictions in response to the COVID pandemic, the next major adjustment is the return to office. For many, this will be as challenging as the initial and very sudden transition to working from home.

In recognition that we will not be returning to a five-day-a-week office routine anytime soon, if ever, icare has released draft documents for consultation. These are the Working Flexibly Procedure and the Guidelines to support the health and safety of people in response to the COVID-19 virus.

These drafts should now be accessable to all staff through HUGO and the PSA encourages members to review these and raise questions.

In general the new way of working going forward for now will, in most cases, be a hybrid model with three days in the office and two days working from home. It will be worked out on a team-by-team basis.

As always, the key concern for your union is our members’ safety in the workplace. Therefore, certain key principles will remain in place, such as the requirement to be fully vaccinated to enter the workplace.

In general, the PSA is supportive of the approach that icare is taking in this process with a steady rather than rushed response. At this time, it is not expected that this will be fully implemented until after Easter/ANZAC Day in April.

We strongly encourage members to engage in discussions with their relevant people leaders as to any concerns or issues that you have. We also remind you that the ‘working flexibly procedure’ does not replace Flexible Working Arrangements that members may require to meet their needs. If members are experiencing any difficulties in having these discussions with their management the PSA is always available to provide advice and assistance if needed.

  1. HR payroll system

Unfortunately, we don’t have any great progress for members in this area and we appreciate that it is still causing difficulties for many of you and we will continue to monitor and keep it as a standing item on the JCC.

We are assured by icare that, despite the way SAP displays the information, you are getting paid properly. This includes having your hours properly credited for public holidays. However, the PSA would highly recommend that you keep your own records for personal reference and continue to raise with the business any issues that you have.

  1. Restructure – nearly one year on

The major restructure in 2021 continues to be a major area of concern, particularly with regards to workloads for staff and changed roles and fewer positions and the filling of significant leadership roles.

Concerns were also raised with icare about changes to delegations which have now seen applications for travel as just one example significantly increase in the administration required to process.

The PSA has also been made aware of a number of concerns for PSOs supporting the teams following the restructure and the demands being placed on them.

While we have no direct answers at this time to provide back to the members we will continue to engage in discussions with the business and will look to meet with members in the near future.

  1. PSA wage claim

As icare employees, your pay increases through your Award are directly linked to the Crown Employees. Hopefully you have seen our recent bulletin HERE.

The reality is that public sector wages in real terms are starting to go backwards. This is a sad reward for the effort that you have all put in over the recent times to keep the government and its services to the state running.

The PSA General Secretary has now written to the NSW Government putting forward our claim for a 3.6 per cent pay increase for 2022. We will keep you posted as to how this progresses over the next few months.

  1. Transport disruptions and natural disasters

Some icare members may have been recently affected by either transport disruptions or by flooding with the recent weather.

Your Award allows you to either vary hours, work from an alternative location or take available FACS, flex, rec, extended or LWOP to cover you if you cannot get to work.

In the event where a member may directly impacted, the PSA also has an emergency relief fund which will provide up to $1000 to affected members whose property has been destroyed or damaged for more details click HERE.

Member Support Centre

Should you require support from your union, we are only a phone call or email away. The PSA Member Support Centre is open from Monday to Friday 9.00 to 5.00 by phone 1300 772 679 or email

We need you – join the PSA

A union is only ever as strong as its members. Mouting a significant challenge to get pay increases back in line with inflation which often becomes a costly legal battle in the Commission; it is your fees that support that.

Some small ways in which you can help your union is to encourage a colleague to join or put our bulletins up on a noticeboard.

As you start to return to the office your PSA industrial staff will look forward to getting back out into your workplaces to visit you as well.

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