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Transport Management Centre update

Last week the PSA met with Transport Management Centre (TMC) management to discuss a number of ongoing issues. Clearly the most pressing issue in the Transport Operations Room last week was the issue around the training of Motorways Operations Controllers (MOCs) to perform Transport Operations Controller (TOC) functions. As stated in our bulletin last week, while the PSA does not want to stand in the way of any development opportunities for individuals we also want to ensure that employees are not forced to work outside of their scope of duties and that ultimately any work completed is at grade. Further we do not want these sorts of arrangements to be utilised as way to cover ongoing staff shortages.

To resolve all of these issues and balance the interests of our entire membership, the PSA proposed to management that a framework/policy needs to be put in place for this contingency plan moving forward. This proposal was agreed to. It is envisaged the PSA will be consulted on this framework prior to implementation.

A framework would dictate at what level of staff shortages due to COVID-19 MOCs could be called upon to complete TOC functions and the employment arrangements that would be in place. As yet, no MOCs have been required to fill in for TOCs and as the worst of the reduced staff levels due to this outbreak now seem to be behind us it is unlikely this contingency measure will be called upon any time soon. This gives a window of opportunity to resolve all of these issues in the framework before the plan ever has to be put into place and ensure that this plan is only ever used as a strictly emergency measure.

The PSA will continue discussions moving forward and look to engage the membership further on this issue. However, to summarise from our understanding, the key issues that need to be addressed are:

  • The difference in awards between the two roles and the pay and conditions of MOCs should they be performing TOC duties.
  • If taking part in these measures would be entirely voluntary for MOCs.
  • What controls need to be put on to ensure this is a measure that is only used to address shortages arising out of severe isolation requirements and not used to cover for ongoing staff shortages, which currently exist within the room.

The PSA has decided to put together an anonymous survey monkey of its membership to gather anymore feedback on either the above issue or any others. Please feel free to fill this out and give us any feedback or raise further issues we can put forward. You can complete the survey HERE.

Additionally, the PSA is looking to hopefully visit the TMC this week to discuss issues further with staff. More details around this to come.

If you have any concerns with the above items or have other items you would like added to the agenda for future meetings, please feel free to send them through to your Organiser Ben James at or 0438 485 535.

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