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Trustee and Guardian – Workload survey results

Trustee and Guardian – Workload survey results – July 2017 (PDF Version)

In March and April of 2017, the PSA circulated a survey to members in order to continue ongoing monitoring of the Trustee and Guardian restructure.

There were some very troubling results that have identified significant issues around workloads as Trustee and Guardian moves into the so-called “Business as Usual” phase. The results appear to have declined even further from a similar survey in 2015, vindicating the PSA’s submissions to the Industrial Relations Commission that large scale staffing cuts would exacerbate Work Health and Safety issues.

An edited version of the survey results was presented to management at the last JCC meeting. The edits amended and removed remarks that could identify individual respondents. The PSA is now making this version available to all members so they can see the issues colleagues are facing across the agency HERE.

The PSA remains deeply concerned many members continue to be given impossible workloads as a result of the restructure and are threatened with performance management if they do not keep up. Many of the comments in the survey also indicate bullying is a serious problem across NSW Trustee and Guardian.

Any member threatened with performance management, whether a formal process or an informal chat, should immediately contact one of their Advisory Group delegates:


Richard Falkowski

Peter Edgtton

Martin Armstrong

Maindhree Anderson

Terrence Hancock


Christine Edmondson

We still have vacancies on the Advisory Group for Sydney CBD and a number of the regions. If you are interested in these roles, or would like to organise a meeting in your workplace, please contact:

Roland Harris

PSA Organiser

Join your colleagues and get involved in defending your rights and conditions at work.

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