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We need your feedback! Potential job cuts announced in talent acquisition and onboarding team structure

The PSA has been informed of upcoming structural changes within the TAO team, aimed at aligning with the current operational context and budget constraints. These changes will impact a total of 15 roles, including reductions in temporary positions and realignments.

Key changes and impacts

  • The changes include the deletion of 10 temporary positions across non-executive teams, one temporary position within the CID team, and four vacant ongoing positions.
  • Recruitment for a Senior Advisor Pipelines & Programs (Grade 9/10) and a Talent Acquisition Advisor (Grade 7/8) post-implementation.
  • Temporary Funding: Expressions of Interest opening for temporary roles in the Building Commission, SafeWork, and Revenue NSW to address specific project needs.

Moving forward together

The PSA is committed to working closely with the Department to ensure that the restructuring process is conducted fairly and transparently, with minimal disruption to our members. We stand ready to support and advocate for our members during this period of change.

  • Support for Affected Members: We are here to support our members through this transition. If your role is impacted, or if you have concerns about the changes, please contact us immediately. We will provide guidance, representation, and support to ensure fair treatment and to explore all available options.
  • Opportunities for Feedback: We urge all members to share their feedback and concerns with us. Your insights are vital in our efforts to represent your interests effectively.

Government Workforce Mobility Placement Policy (WMP)

The new WMP policy will play a key role in outcomes for impacted employees. Your industrial representatives will ensure that all efforts are made in line with this policy and relevant legislation. You can access the WMP HERE.

How to provide feedback

If you have any feedback or concerns regarding the draft RMP, please contact member support at or call 1800 772 679. Feedback should be submitted to the PSA by COB Wednesday 13 March 2024. Please quote reference number 217260.

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