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Activist Summit Attendees

Activist Summit Attendees – February 2016 (PDF version)

Remember PSA Annual Conference last May?

We got together in the afternoon at an “Activist Summit” to talk about how we would fight the Baird Government’s attacks on public services. Working in small groups, you came up with a great list of ideas to progress the PSA’s “Pathways to Winning” strategy.

Many of your ideas are now in place or underway.

You wanted the PSA to have a stronger profile within the broader community.

The actions and views of PSA members now regularly appear in the mainstream press. Our campaigns on disability services, TAFE, prisons, National Parks, as well as many others, are well known.

The General Secretary has become a go-to leader for comment on NSW public services and the value provided by union members. See an example HERE.

You wanted your union to communicate information more quickly to members.

We are now implementing a much more regular and efficient Bulletin system to keep members across issues. Our staff are now trained in bulletin writing.

You wanted to share PSA victories with other members and non-members, and have the valuable work done by public servants properly understood and more widely recognised.

Red Tape now regularly profiles members from different agencies and the PSA website provides frequent updates of campaign progress and PSA wins.

You wanted a youth strategy.

Some of our younger staff are developing ideas for engaging younger members and potential members.

These are just some of the ways where your involvement in your union is making a difference.

Thank you for attending the Activist Summit and putting your ideas forward.

We will continue to update you on how these, and other ideas, are progressing via PSA News. Stay tuned also to the website at

Remember, the most important action you can take is to ask your colleagues to join the PSA and get involved.

PS Tell your fellow members about your job. Your union represents a wide variety of employees in NSW, from Broken Hill to Lord Howe Island. If you are interested in being profiled for Red Tape, contact

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