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Assaults and Young Persons 

In January, the PSA was notified that a client that had turned 18yo in late December had been involved in a number of incidents which included assaulting staff.

The PSA was concerned about the health and safety of its members and their colleagues and the safety and security of the centre.

The PSA acted quickly, with the General Secretary contacting the Minister to advocate on behalf of its members to have the young adult removed from Youth Justice.

The Minister had given an undertaking that the young person was to be transferred out of the youth system.

Youth Justice argued that there were a number of obstacles that prevented an immediate removal of the young adult from the centre and the PSA continued to advocate at all levels for the immediate removal of the young person to provide a safer work environment for all.

The PSA was contacted by the Deputy Secretary DCJ who acknowledged that as per the Ministers commitment to the PSA that the young adult should have been transferred.

The PSA was notified that the transfer out of Youth Justice would occur on Monday 14th February with a commitment that they would not return to the Youth system.

All this was possible due to the notification to the PSA from a concerned member and highlights the need for active delegates at the work site.

We Need You!

The PSA is seeking representatives from across the state to represent members within their workplace.

If you are interested, please contact Latu Sailosi, , or Gino Di Candilo, , for more information.

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