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Australian Museum: Flexible working arrangements

One of the issues raised at the Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) meeting on 22 June was the use of Flexible Working arrangements at the Australian Museum. One of the results of COVID-19 was an increased awareness of the effectiveness of the wide variety of flexible options open to agencies and employees. Of particular note, of course, is working from home.

The PSA raised that, whilst some parts of the museum have been open to employees adopting remote work arrangements, line manager support for this has been inconsistent across divisions and units. The Public Service Commission has advised Public Sector agencies to use the ‘’if not why not” philosophy when assessing requests from employees. Essentially that philosophy works on the basis of the employer actively considering how they can agree to a request. If the employer is unable to do so, they are to provide considered reasons as to why. It is about a respectful and thoughtful conversation.

Not every request will be agreed to, but every request should be respectfully considered.

People and Culture (P&C) has advised that if staff are unsatisfied with their manager’s response to their request for flexible working arrangements, they are happy to facilitate conversations between staff and their line managers. Both the PSA and management understand that staff may feel nervous about raising a conflict with P&C regarding their manager. PSA members are encouraged to reach out to their Delegates for support.

The PSA advised management that we would be putting out this bulletin in the hope of promoting this as a way forward. We are in agreement over this.

On a separate note the PSA wants to give our massive thanks to our delegate Adria Castellucci who alongside our other brilliant delegate Hannah Smyth has been advocating for you in the work place.

Adria is moving on from the Museum and will be a sad loss. We wish her well in her new role with the State Library.

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