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Community Corrections: National Corrections Day

CC Correctives Day - Jan 2021

Every year National Corrections Day recognises the tough work performed by Community Corrections staff.

In the past year, our members in Community Corrections have maintained their admirable professionalism in the shadow of COVID-19. Despite restricted rosters, strict rules on interaction with offenders and an increase in the amount of work performed at home, our members have maintained key programs for offenders.

This extraordinary work has been done despite the perennial problem of heavy workloads on our members.

Our Community Corrections programs play a vital role in protecting the people of NSW. National Corrections Day is a great chance to acknowledge the hard-working men and women who go to work every day to run them.

Every member should be congratulated and rightly proud of the work they have done in the face of these challenges. You provide a critical service to the state, even if it’s not always as visible to the community as your colleagues in other emergency services.


Stewart Little
General Secretary

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