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Crown Solicitors Office – Elite Survey Results

Crown Solicitors - Elite Survey Results - July 2020 (pdf version)

Thank you to all the members who completed the PSA’s Survey on the Elite System. The results confirm the difficulties members have already made known to the PSA at member meetings this year. It is also clear from the data that issues with Elite are an ongoing for members and management have failed to address them in any meaningful way.

A breakdown of the data is as follows:

  • Over 83 per cent of respondents answered that they spend more time on tasks since the introduction of Elite. 67 per cent of all respondents answered that they spent significantly more time on tasks since the introduction of Elite.
  • The majority of respondents answered that Elite did not have all the necessary functionality needed for them to complete their work. The majority of respondents also felt that the Elite System was not tailored to the needs of the CSO.
  • The top three issues with Elite were: the slowness of the system, followed by having to go into multiple fields and finally, having incorrect costs/figures transferred from the old system etc.
  • Just under 17 per cent of respondents reported that their issues with Elite when taken to management were taken seriously.
  • More than a third of respondents answered that there were date integrity issues with Elite.
  • The majority of respondents rated the support given by management in relation to Elite as below average to poor.
  • Only 8 per cent of respondents thought that Elite was better than the former system.
  • The majority of the respondents answered that they did not feel that the issues they had raised with Elite had been resolved.
  • 65 per cent of respondents answered that they were not given an opportunity to provide feedback on the system before it went live.

Prior to further correspondence with the CSO in relation to Elite, the PSA will hold a members’ meeting to go through all the results, including suggestions about addressing problems with Elite.  A meeting notice will be sent shortly.

Your PSA staff

Alex Sala

Monika Wunderlin
Industrial Officer

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