Day of Action Against Government Budget Cuts in NSW Police – Tuesday 19th March - Public Service Association

Day of Action Against Government Budget Cuts in NSW Police – Tuesday 19th March

Day of Action Against Government Budget Cuts in NSW Police – Tuesday 19th March (PDF version)

The NSW election is fast approaching (23rd March) and it’s critical you make your voice heard!

Unsworn staff in Police are still reeling from the round of drastic cuts which has just been implemented under the euphemism of “Re-engineering”.

Whole layers of middle management have been ripped out of amalgamated Police Commands, with senior unsworn staff being made redundant.

We have lost these colleagues, but the work isn’t going anywhere – we still have to do it.  Every year this government expects overstretched Commands to do more with less.

This will only get worse if the Liberal/Nationals government is returned. The last NSW state budget under Premier Berejiklian and Treasurer Perrottet locked in four years of annual cuts to the public service of 3% under another euphemism “efficiency dividend”.

The “efficiency dividend” will not apply to sworn police, so the entire burden of four years of 3% cuts in Police will fall on unsworn staff – a whopping 12% budget cut over the next four years. This will make the cuts already undertaken through Re-engineering look like nothing.

This government does not believe in public servants or public services – it’s time to fight these cuts. SAVE THE STATE. CHANGE THE GOVERNMENT.

On Tuesday 19th March, four days before the state election, the PSA encourages all its members working in NSW Police to participate in a day of action to protest these cuts.

What can you do to send a message? The PSA calls on all members to:

  • Stop work for 10 minutes at midday as part of your authorised breaks.
  • Send this bulletin to your friends and colleagues inviting them to participate.
  • Send a version of THIS EMAIL to the Police Minister and the Premier, as well as the Shadow Police Minister and Leader of the Opposition.
  • Print off the PSA’s campaign flyer and distribute it around your workplace.
  • Take a photo of yourself with the campaign flyer and/or writing the email to the State politicians and send through to for posting to the PSA’s social media pages.
  • Go home on time! Flex time workers should all leave at the end of core time (3pm) unless directed otherwise and shift workers should not stay a minute past their rostered shift end.
  • Members at PHQ should attend the important meeting on these cuts being held by the PSA on Tuesday 19th March from 12pm – 1pm in the Boomi Room and bring along as many colleagues as possible.

Got a question? Please contact:

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