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DCJ Corporate Services: Restructures survey

Are you aware of a proposal to restructure your agency?

Has a recent restructure impacted you?

Your union wants to know.

Click HERE to complete our five-minute survey.

Thank you to members who participated in our divisional catchup last week, at which a number of members reported proposed or recent changes to their branch’s structure. These include proposals to modify IDS, I&A, Finance, and SSCX organisational structures or staffing levels.

Management must consult the PSA when considering significant changes to organisational structure, especially when a proposal would result in job losses or other substantial impacts to our working conditions. Consultation with the union is separate and in addition to any internal feedback process in which the department may invite you to participate.

We’re asking all members in DCJ Corporate Services to complete this short survey – click here.

Your confidential responses will help us develop relevant and appropriate representations to management, including in ongoing consultation forums.

As always, don’t hesitate to get in touch should you need to talk union.

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PSA Delegates

Ken Chaves Finance

Humberto Cisneros IDS

Dan Cotton IDS

Boz Jawien IDS

Joshua Michael I&A

Eden Vella IDS

PSA staff

Lachlan Good Organiser

Monika Wunderlin Industrial Officer

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