Dean St Relocation Update - Public Service Association

Dean St Relocation Update

After meeting with impacted staff last week, the PSA advised the Department that we are seeking a new relocation date that respects the necessity for meaningful engagement and the operational needs of our members.

The PSA then met with Facilities Management and DPE Industrial Relations on Monday 21 August 2023 to discuss the relocation of Dean St to McCauley St.

There was a robust discussion in which your concerns were raised and that the current move date is untenable due to these.

Disappointingly, the Department did not come to the meeting with the necessary information from Property NSW regarding future leasing arrangements for Dean St. They also failed to provide timeframes for proposed modifications to McCauley St, such as the inclusion of additional storage space.

The Department has given the PSA an undertaking that they will consider the PSAs request to extend the timeframe for the move and come back with a formal response in the next day or two.

As soon as we have received a response, the PSA will arrange an online members’ meeting to discuss the outcome with you.

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