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Industrial dispute: Department of Planning and Environment

The PSA is extremely disappointed with senior management at the Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) for their lack of engagement with respect to the Corporate Services Phase 2 Change Management Plan.

Due to DPE senior management’s blatant disrespect for the consultation process and lack of consultation, the PSA has lodged a dispute with the Industrial Relations Commission of NSW.

The PSA was not engaged prior to the Corporate Services Town Hall meeting held on Monday 12 September, where staff were presented the final structure for People and Culture transition into Corporate Services.

In the document titled Final – Corporate Services Structure under the heading on page 3 ‘Consultation Feedback Review’ DPE management announced significant changes, some of those being as follows:

  • This resulted in 27 refinements to the structure which then led to over 100 individual moves and 11 team name changes in the org charts

This is a major restructure in the organisation affecting more than 500 DPE employees in Corporate Services and People and Culture.

This restructure affects all staff in DPE because of the quality of service these areas provide to operational staff.

Any members who have continuous concerns with the final proposed structure should contact PSA Industrial Officer Michael Sinclair, .

Please share this bulletin with your colleagues.

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