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Department of Finance, Services & Innovation member update

Department of Finance Services and Innovation member update – December 2016 (PDF version)

The Department of Finance, Services Departmental Committee (DC) met on 24 November 2016. The DC was attended by delegates from areas across the recently restructured Department of Finance, Services & Innovation (DFSI).

Given the significant changes within the Department over the past year, your delegates noted the need for many members to update their workplace details with the PSA to reflect the new structure of DFSI being:

  • Customer Services
  • ICT & Digital Innovation
  • Regulation
  • Property and Advisory
  • Revenue
  • Government and Corporate Services.

Your PSA DFSI delegates would like to contact members in their areas, facilitate building relationships at the worksite and work to establish workplace groups where multiple agencies exist in one building. To this end it is imperative members make sure their PSA membership details are correct.

Please go to the PSA website and check your details are correct, or let us know if you have changed agency, moved work site, changed contact numbers, changed email addresses or even moved house.

Access the PSA website HERE.

This should not take more than a few minutes online. Thanks for assisting your delegates to work for yourself and other PSA members in DFSI.

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