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The Right to be Consulted Over Changes in Your Employment

The Right to be Consulted Over Changes in Your Employment

Your union met with management on 4 July in relation to concerns over members involved in the new branch, Digital and Communications area being asked to attend interviews over what we had been told was merely a change to reporting lines.

Management confirmed that there had been a Town Hall meeting plus information made available to staff on the intranet and that it was purely a change to reporting lines.  Notwithstanding the fact that some staff had been interviewed, a role description with a different title had been created and other staff appeared to have been directly appointed.

As a result of raising these concerns with management, the changes have been put on hold pending a consultation paper being provided to your union and opportunity for feedback around proposed changes provided to staff.

PSA clarified its view that the 1997 Consultative Arrangement Policy and Guidelines must be followed.  The information we are receiving from members would suggest that either local management does not understand the Consultation requirements or are being willfully ignorant of them.

We are concerned that management does not appear to share our views of when Consultation and Restructure Management Plans (RMPs) are required and believe that we may have to reach a consensus at a higher level in order to ensure that your workplace rights and entitlements are supported.

If you attend a meeting with management at which you are offered a VR, or are told about changes to your role or asked not to talk to anyone else about what is happening; or if you are told by your manager that the union does not need to be consulted, please either contact the member support centre on 1300 772 679,   or contact your local delegate.

If you know of someone who is not a member, please show them this bulletin and ask them to consider joining.  Over the coming months your employment and your workplace rights and entitlements will be under threat. United we are stronger.

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