Disability Services Strike going ahead - Public Service Association

Disability Services Strike going ahead

Disability services strike going ahead – February 2017 (PDF version)




Valentine’s Day 14 February 2017

Parliament House 12.30pm


meet PSA House Clarence St 11.30am

Rain, hail or shine

Getting There – Metro

Download a train timetable and meet us on the way to PSA House! Make sure you wear red and get on the third carriage from the front of the train.

Download train timetables HERE.

Regional Rallies

We are holding a rallies and meetings on Valentine’s Day across the state. The new General Secretary Stewart Little’s address to members will be live streamed to each meeting via Facebook on:

Disability Services Keep It Public

Or the PSA’s Facebook page – Public Service Association of NSW

Make sure you’re there; download rally and meeting flyers HERE.

Know someone who isn’t a member?

A strong union means better outcomes for all members; encourage your workmates to JOIN the PSA today.

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