DPE Joint Consultative Committee Update - Public Service Association

DPE Joint Consultative Committee Update

The Public Service Association (PSA) convened with the Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) for the final Joint Consultative Committee meeting of 2023 on 5th December. The following is a report summarising the matters discussed:

 DPHI and DCCEEW Establishment:

  • Corporate Services Transition: : the Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure (DPHI) will retain shared services such as ICT and other shared services, transactional services e.g. accounts payable/receivable and payroll. Where service provision to the Department of Climate Change, Environment, Energy and Water (DCCEEW) will be undertaken using the selected model. The roles were considered by the percentage of workload or time allocated to functions, business units or divisions that will make up the new DCCEEW and Homes NSW. Decisions on transfers will be based on closer alignment between departments. Parts reliant on shared services or IT infrastructure will remain to avoid duplication.
  • 1st February Transition of LAHC and Aboriginal Housing Office: in line with the Administrative Orders, Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC), the Aboriginal Housing Office (AHO), and the Housing Services team of the Homes, Property, and Development Group are scheduled to transition to Homes effective 1 February. The Steering Committee will continue to be managed out of DCJ, with the PSA at present reviewing the FAQs which will shortly be provided to employees.

DPE Secretary’s Report Highlights:

  • DPHI Topline Release & Planning Restructure: DPHI has released its topline. The lift and shift of Greater Cities Commission (GCC) will divide planning into two areas. The GCC Act has been repealed and the PSA are supporting members through the change management process.
  • Diversity and Inclusion Groups: The continuation of initiatives for diversity and inclusion groups will be at the discretion of the staff leading them following the 1 January changes. Staff leading these groups can determine if they continue or split.
  • Planning Functional Review: The review is driven by three primary reasons: to implement good practices, streamline planning functional areas, and address budget constraints while ensuring optimal resource utilisation. This review aims to construct a robust business case. There’s a substantial workload in business as usual (BAU) tasks, with housing being a priority, and resource allocation considerations for what was previously within the local government domain.

DIO Systems Update:

  • Modernisation Work Commencement: Initiatives for modernisation have started, albeit some are scaling back due to current physical constraints. There’s a focus on enhancing services by standardising the IT footprint and simplifying accessibility. Additionally, a strong emphasis is on prioritising new projects and tools.
  • Transition back to Business as Usual (BAU): Operations are returning to the standard BAU mode.
  • Provision for DCCEEW: Plans are in place to provide support for DCCEEW starting January 1st.

Should you have any questions or require further information regarding the discussed topics, please do not hesitate to reach out to the PSA.

Contingent Labour and Contractors

The PSA is aware of the growing issue of labour-hire staff being used in supervisory roles, up to and including Director positions. We remind members that this is contravention of the Crown Employees (Public Service Conditions of Employment) Award:

3.64    Supervisor means the immediate supervisor or manager of the area in which a staff member is employed, or any other staff member authorised by the Department Head to fulfil the role of a supervisor or manager, other than a person engaged as a consultant or contractor.

If you are aware of any instances where this is occurring, please alert the PSA by contacting the Member Support Centre, your local Delegate, or Organisers Amira Thomson or Jo Aboud.

On behalf of the PSA, we extend a heartfelt thank you for your unwavering dedication and hard work throughout this year as members of the union and the NSW Public Service. With particular thanks to our Delegates- your commitment has been instrumental in our collective efforts. As the year draws to a close, we wish each of you a happy and safe holiday season!

DC Chair – Steve Lewer, EES

DC Secretary – Jack Turner, Planning

 Environment, Energy and Science

Steve Lewer – Newcastle

Daniel Cain – Coffs Harbour

Catherine Ellis – Sydney Metro


Jack Turner – Newcastle

Meredith McIntyre – Queanbeyan

Michael Parsons


Ben Owers


Shahadat Chowdhury – Sydney Metro

Peter Roberts – Coffs Harbour

 Land & Housing Corporation

Sonia Rhodes – Coffs Harbour

Gavin Wilton – Port Macquarie

 Corporate Services

Brooke Scarlett – Sydney Metro


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