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Flexible Working Hours negotiations formally commence

Negotiations - Dec 2020 (PDF version)

The first formal meeting to commence discussions regarding the development of a new Flexible Working Hours Agreement occurred on 2 December.

Apart from Nick Player (PSA Industrial Officer) and Davis Murphy (PSA Organiser) the union was also represented by Carmen Moodley (WPCA), Joanne Atkin (PSC), (ER), Nohemy Vivas (DPC) and David Madden (ER). Belinda Brown (PCO) was an apology for the first meeting but was involved in our planning meeting the day before. These are delegates of the PSA and your representatives.

We have a strong group of delegates which gives us much confidence in the way ahead. Our key aim is to not only communicate well with the PSA membership in reporting back as the matters progress, but also ensuring PSA members’ views are put forward.

This is a process that will go for many months.

Management will provide minutes from each of our meetings (which at this stage we are intending to be every three weeks). The PSA intends to put out bulletins like this one on a regular basis as well. They are not intended to replicate the minutes. At times we will particularly seek information from you to assist us in discussions. We request you communicate responses to your representatives listed above.

Key points and actions stemming from the first meeting are:

  • Management advised that the key focus areas for DPC in our discussions for a new agreement will be Core Hours, Bandwidth and Banked Flex with other minor amendments to modernise the award to be sought
  • A Terms of Reference (TOR) was discussed and is close to finalisation
  • The PSA sought that management in each of the affected areas be advised, and recognise, that roles taken on by the PSA delegates are part of their work. They should be respected as such and given time to participate in meetings, planning for meetings, and communicating with employees
  • The PSA seeks feedback from our members on any matters to be considered for inclusion in the new agreement. These will be discussed with management in the new year so there is time to gather your thoughts
  • The next meeting will occur on Wednesday 16 December 2020.

We are very aware that flexible working arrangements are of major significance to our members.

Before the PSA signs off on the results of these negotiations, it will be put to our membership for a vote. If non-members would like to have a say in protecting or extending the flex agreement, this can only be done by joining the PSA at www.psa.asn.au/join.

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